Please read this information to learn more about how our pre-orders work. Pre-orders are advance purchases that are made on merchandise that is not currently in stock. An item listed under Pre-Ordering secures your order for an item that tends to sells out quickly. The item is currently NOT in stock but will be shipped out to you once it is in stock. All items will have an estimated shipping date listed.

What is a pre-order?

Simply put, a pre-order is an order you can place for a new item before it is in stock and available for delivery. Generally, it is an item that is new to the marketplace and we have already placed an order with our suppliers for the item.

Why should I pre-order?

By placing a pre-order you will receive the highest priority order fulfillment. We fill pre-orders based on the order they are received. Pre-orders are also processed prior to any in stock order is received. Thus, pre-ordering helps ensure that you will receive the most sought after new products. If you pre-order, you will be among the first of our customers to receive the item. Oftentimes, with popular items, the item can be pre-ordered before it is sold out. Procuring an item on a pre-order basis means that, you are guaranteed to get an item shortly after we receive it.

Is the item guaranteed to arrive on the estimated availability date?

No, when an item opens for pre-order, we don't always have the full details on availability from our suppliers. It is important to recognize that ALL pre-orders are offered with ESTIMATED delivery dates. In other words, it is quite possible--and quite common--that pre-order items are delivered later than expected. Pre-orders are explicitly made without a guarantee that the item will arrive at a certain time. Always check the product item page for the most up to date information on availability.

What are the chances that my pre-order will not be filled?

Remote. The only instances where a pre-order will not be filled are if the manufacturer cancels or simply short ships our order. In the event that we cannot fulfill your order, we will issue full refunds for those orders.

What if I order multiple items, can I combine in stock and pre-order items?

Yes of course you can combine in stock and pre-order items. We will hold your order until all items come in stock and ship all items together. If you wish for your in stock items to ship immediately then place a separate order for in stock items only.

What happens if I place a pre-order for multiple items that are scheduled to arrive at different dates?

Again we will hold your order and ship once all items have arrived and are in stock. The shipping amount you are charged during check out is based on a single package. If you wish for your items to ship as they become available then you must place separate orders.

How long will it take to ship out my pre-order once an item is received?

We begin filling pre-orders the day we receive the items. We process and ship orders 6 days a week so in most instances you can expect to receive your shipping notification in one business day.

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